It might not have crossed your mind to make a follow up on the qualifications of the technician you hire to work in your property. When I needed a couple of issues addressed in my home I was keen to award the contract only to the best electrician. I had called up several companies that dealt with repairs but this one stood out from the rest. When I called in I informed them that I would have several questions first and you electrician service obliged. I first asked on whether or not their staff was licensed to take on electrical contracts. The answer was yes. They only hired the practitioners that had attained the right amount of training and when they took on apprentices, they made sure to license them as well. I began to grow interested. My second query was on the guarantee that their work would not be temporary. I was informed that depending on the type of work a client needed done there would be a warranty guaranteeing a long life for installations and repairs. By now I only needed a nudge to send me their way. I had only last question, the level of qualifications their staff had. There was a mix of experience in their ranks but the crew members that had the least amount of skilled would always work under the supervision of the more experience electrician service. I was sold. Needless to say they installed a new main switch (the old one was faulty), new switches and a ceiling light I had always wanted to put up. As a reporter it would be reckless of me to fail to highlight on the great service you provided. I will be visiting your offices for a sit down with your management as I embark on writing an article on you.


Everything about the electrician service repair process went on smoothly. I was away when a neighbor informed me of an issue with my lights. I had set them in such a way that they would come on during the night but they were no longer working. He recommended that I consult your company. You sent in a team to check out what the problem was and figured out that the fuse box had a shortage and you would have to install another one and new bulbs. I still cannot believe we coordinated the whole thing while I was outside the country. The team updated me on the progress of what was going on and even video chatted while working. When I landed back I discovered that everything in my house was intact. The level of integrity among your staff is rock solid. Continue doing the great work people.


I have been having issueswith the way my ceiling fan hums. I was about to host guests and I did not want the embarrassing bit to come from the nagging sound so I called in for help. The repair did not take long nor did it require a lot of money. The visitors who came in cooled themselves to the tune of a silent fan.


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